Thermal-Lite Perch™ - Large - Sweet Feet & Beak
Thermal-Lite Perch™ - Large - Sweet Feet & Beak
Thermal-Lite Perch™ - Large - Sweet Feet & Beak
Thermal-Lite Perch™ - Large - Sweet Feet & Beak
Thermal-Lite Perch™ - Large - Sweet Feet & Beak

Thermal-Lite Perch™ - Large

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Our Thermal-Lite™ perches have been approved by pet owners, veterinarians, and bird breeders.  They have found it to help trim nails, stimulate leg muscles and promote healthy feet. This is not your normal "concrete" perch.  It has a unique beak conditioner (the large ring) which helps keep the bird’s beak in a naturally healthy state of trim and also simulate activity in the wild.  And what you cannot see is that it is not made with normal stone aggregate.  Only SF&B use a special Thermal-lite™ aggregate that is much finer and lighter than normal concrete.  This makes the perch much lighter for you and your cage.  
  • Keep your bird’s feet, nails and beak healthy
  • Thermal-lite™ makes perch much lighter than standard concrete
  • Color is throughout and not painted on
  • Cleans easily with soap and water
  • Handmade in the USA
For use with African Greys, Amazons, and other similar size birds.

Customer Reviews

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Richard Bourne

Good perch for amazons

Nancy Clarkson
Keep my parrots nails trimmed

Thermal-Lite Perchs keep my parrots nails trimmed.

Kathleen Leonard

My experience with Sweet feet has been wonderful. I ordered to large thermo lites for my african gray who loved them and went directly to them. She has arthritis and there are so many angles for her to choose from on the perches she is comfortable at last. I had difficulty finding the purple perches and e mailed the company. I received am immediate response in ref to out of stock. Within 3 days I recieved a go ahead to order. Excellant customer service and I will continue to order from them. Thank you Sweet Feet for helping our bird and making it so easy to work with you.

Large perch

Very well made ... Good size for my African grey....
Shipping was very fast.... considering the holidays and Covid I was pleasantly surprised! Will definitely order from them again...

Thermal perch

I love this company. They were super fast in shipping and the quality of the perch is excellent❣️


Ask a Question
  • What is the diameter of the medium, large and XL?

    The medium is 1.25", large is 1.5" and XL is 2".  The diameters are approximate as there are variations built into the perch for optimal foot health.

  • How long is the perch

    The perch, excluding the mounting bolt, is just over 12" in length.  Total with the mounting bolt is 13".  Thanks for the question!

  • Is it ok if your bird chews this? Is it toxic if chewed?

    Concrete perches have been used worldwide for decades.  Unlike some perches that have their colors applied after the perch has been made, our Thermal-Lite Perch has food grade coloring added to the mortar mix - making the perch solid color (colored all the way through the perch).  The Thermal-Lite perch is designed to keep not only claws in good health, but the larger portion at the end of the perch is designed for beak health.  Birds can rub their beaks on the conditioning area to help keep beaks in top shape.  

    As with any perch or toy, if you see your bird ingesting any part, you should remove the item immediately.