Patented Safety Pumice Perch™ - Large - Sweet Feet & Beak
Patented Safety Pumice Perch™ - Large - Sweet Feet & Beak
Patented Safety Pumice Perch™ - Large - Sweet Feet & Beak
Patented Safety Pumice Perch™ - Large - Sweet Feet & Beak
Patented Safety Pumice Perch™ - Large - Sweet Feet & Beak
Patented Safety Pumice Perch™ - Large - Sweet Feet & Beak
Patented Safety Pumice Perch™ - Large - Sweet Feet & Beak
Patented Safety Pumice Perch™ - Large - Sweet Feet & Beak

Patented Safety Pumice Perch™ - Large

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This award winning perch is one of the best known and respected in the industry.  In the wild, birds are exposed to a wide variety of textured surfaces that are mother nature’s way of keeping their nails and beaks conditioned. Only the SF&B Patented Safety Pumice Perch™ gives your bird the comfort grip for their tender pads and a textured pumice surface needed for keeping nails in a healthy state of trim.  And there is no concrete here - just strong plastic and pumice.  Birds and professionals love it!

  • Patented design with smooth comfort grip on top and pedicure pumice on sides for grip and nail health
  • Safety cap to mount perch - no metal hardware sticking out of your cage
  • One of the lightest perches available
  • No concrete surface
  • Stimulates leg muscles and promotes healthy feet
  • Non-toxic and safe for your bird
  • Patent 6.619.236

For use with African Greys, Amazons, and other similar sized birds.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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joanne l

best perch for my grey and my cockatoos

Ernie is a happy bird!

Purchased the Pumice Perch for my male eclectus Ernie in hopes that it will help keep his nails and beak manicured. He loves it so far and it is sturdy and adds great color to his cage!

Love these perches

Love the fact that the toenails get trimmed without the perch being sore on their feet.

Pumice perch in use

My African Grey Butch typically takes time to get used to new things but I used the pumice perch for his water and he didn't hesitate at all. The perch seems to be taking the points of the nails off which should help with frequency of grooming, I checked the balls of his feet and everything looks great. ALL GOOD!


The perch is definitely large and we'll priced for the quality. I love that the top is smooth to protect the paws and target the talons. My GCC is still getting used to it so we'll see!


Ask a Question
  • I bought medium Safety Pumice perch for my cockatiel but since the connection is only for a vertical cage bar the pad is on the side instead of under his foot pad because the cage bars are all horizontal. Can the perch be bought for either vertical OR horizontal attachment?

    The perch is manufactured for vertical bars.  However, if your bar spacing is over 1/2" you can put the entire threaded section between horizontal bars.  A bar does not need to be in the thread section gap.  Simply put it between bars and tighten as normal.  It will be secure.  Hope that helps.

  • What is the diameter and length of each of the Safety Pumice Perches?

    The XS is 1/2" x 6"; Small 1" x 8"; Medium 1.25" x 12"; Large 1.5" x 12"; XL 2.25" x 14".   Hope that helps.

  • What is the difference between the Patented Safety Perch and the Patented Safety Pumice Perch?

    The Safety perch is a concrete perch, while the Safety Pumice Perch is molded plastic.  Both have our patented design that provide a smooth surface for the pads of the feet and textured sides for safe, strong grip and nail conditioning.  The concrete perch has textured concrete for the grips, while the Pumice Perch has pumice.  Both perches have their fans.  The plastic Pumice Perch is loved for its light weight and ease of cleaning.  May vets and rescue groups use it for those reasons.

  • Hi, I am from Australia and need help determining what size Safety Pumice Perches I require for my birds. Budgies & Ringneck Parrot. Thank you

    For the budgie I would recommend a small sized perch, unless the budgie is very small, then an XS size would work.  For the Ringneck, the medium perch should work well.  It is good to have a variety of different perch sizes to work and stimulate feet muscles - so being up or down a size can be a good thing, as long as you have a comfortable perch that the bird enjoys.  Hope that helps.

    Also, we do have a distributor in Australia, so you should be able to find these perches locally.

  • According to your diagram the Medium is 10” long. You are saying they are both 12 “ Long? why is one Medium and one Large then?

    The diagram is incorrect.  We are working to get it removed or updated.  They are both the same length but have different diameters.  The medium is approx 1.5" in diameter while the large is 2.0".

  • I tried to buy one from Amazon and it was too small. I am looking for the one that is 12 inchs long where the Bird sits. 13 inchs total length. Is this the Large one for 14.95 ?

    The medium and large Patented Safety Pumice Perch are both 12 inches long.  Both are available on our website and should be available on Amazon if perfered.  Thanks for your question!