Super Shredder Ball™ - Sweet Feet & Beak
Super Shredder Ball™ - Sweet Feet & Beak
Super Shredder Ball™ - Sweet Feet & Beak
Super Shredder Ball™ - Sweet Feet & Beak
Super Shredder Ball™ - Sweet Feet & Beak
Super Shredder Ball™ - Sweet Feet & Beak
Super Shredder Ball™ - Sweet Feet & Beak

Super Shredder Ball™

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The famous and award winning Super Shredder Ball™ only from SF&B is what shredding fun is all about!  Famous? Really?  Yeah, it was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America segment “The Pet Doctor with Marty Becker.”  National TV, not bad!  Anyway, the Super Shredder Ball™ is stuffed full of colorful shredded paper and food colored dyed wooden prizes to discover.  This will keep your bird busy for weeks foraging for the hidden treasures inside. Now all sizes made in the USA!

  • Small 3" diameter
  • Medium 5" diameter
  • Large 7" diameter
  • Wooden toys inside
  • Best New Bird Product 2010 Global Pet Expo
  • Strong enough to climb on
  • Non-toxic and safe for your bird
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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The shredding ball is great and everything came so quick, I was very pleased!

Papper shredder ball

Bought my sun conure the small shredder ball. She thinks it is a new nest and sits on it to look out the window at the wild turkeys. Go figure??

Super Shredder Ball

I'm still waiting to receive it.. then I can give you a rating..
Deatra Smith-Mauldin
3627 Lovers Lane (down)
Ravenna, Oh.44266

Super shredder ball is SUPER

My parrot loves it. It keeps him occupied constantly. I chose the largest size for my medium sized parrot. Bought three more recently.


My Macaw Brooklyn pretty much shreds everything. This product allowed him to rip stuff out of it and he did it without tearing the rope to pieces like he normally does I would definitely purchase this item again. Only con is the hook that goes to the cage needs to be heavy duty because the one that was on it my guy bit right through


Ask a Question
  • What size would you recommend for a parakeet who is an avid shredder?

    For a Parakeet I would recomend the small Shredder Ball.   If you don't think your bird would be intimidated, you could move up to the medium, but from an overall sizing perspective, small would be the natural fit.

  • I have a Green Cheek Conure. I’m worried he could get his head stuck in between what looks to be some sort of rope. Or his feet caught in this toy. Has that happened before? I’m thinking of size small or medium for my baby if it’s a safe toy for him as it does look like it would be fun.

    We have never had any issue with birds being caught in the Shredder Ball.  It is made out of natual twine.  Our Illiger Macaw loves to pull the paper out, climb on it and even sleep next to it.  Would recomend starting with a small size for your Green Cheek.  Thanks for the question.