Manzanita Pumice Pedicure Superoost™ - Medium - Sweet Feet & Beak
Manzanita Pumice Pedicure Superoost™ - Medium - Sweet Feet & Beak
Manzanita Pumice Pedicure Superoost™ - Medium - Sweet Feet & Beak
Manzanita Pumice Pedicure Superoost™ - Medium - Sweet Feet & Beak
Manzanita Pumice Pedicure Superoost™ - Medium - Sweet Feet & Beak
Manzanita Pumice Pedicure Superoost™ - Medium - Sweet Feet & Beak

Manzanita Pumice Pedicure Superoost™ - Medium

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Now your bird can have the health and comfort of a natural wood perch, along with the safety grip and nail benefits of a pedicure perch.  Only the Superoost™ combines Manzanita along with patented pedicure pumice grips.  Manzanita is one of the hardest woods available, which provides a long-lasting perch.  We then add 100% natural cosmetic grade pumice to the sides for grip and nail health.  This is so good – it’s patented!

Just as in nature, each perch is unique – in shape, color and texture.  No two perches will be the same.  100% natural – and made in the USA.

Now you don’t make sacrifices.  You can have a Manzanita perch, one of the most durable natural wood available, along with the health and safety of a pedicure perch.  Only from SF&B!

Size:  Approx 1-1/4" Diameter by 10" long

Recommended for Cockatoos, Mini Macaws, Lories, Pionus

Customer Reviews

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Great perch

This perch keeps nails and beaks in check and once the pumice is worn off, you still have a perch that can last a lifetime.

Good product, great customer service

This is a nice hardwood perch with pumice on the sides to help keep little nails trim. The medium is a great size for my pionus, and the large one works well for my African Grey. I'm especially happy with the customer service I received from Sweet Feet and Beak, and recommend them highly.

I can't say enough good things!

Brian was fantastic and made sure I got exactly the shape perch I needed. His communication was fast, as was the shipping. So glad I bought directly instead of taking my chances on perch shape elsewhere. Wonderful experience!

love these perches!

well crafted, these will last for a long time. They go a great job keeping my birds' nails trimmed. What won me over is the larger plastic things that attach the perch to the cage- I have trouble with the small wingnuts that every other perch seems to have. Also, incredible customer service. I'll be a returning customer for sure!

perch is nice

Perch is nice but the coupling or whatever you call the part that attaches to the cage was on backwards to my bars. My husband had to drill more holes to move it around in order to be able to use it. I ordered it 2 different times in case they were different, Otherwise, its what my Vet recommended for my Ecclectus.


Ask a Question
  • Is the medium size good for nanday conure, or what size would be best for her size?

    You nailed it!  A medium should be the best size for a Nanday.

  • What is the width of bars needed for this to attach? My bars are 1/2 inch apart.

    The mounting cap is installed for vertical bars - putting the bar in the mounting cap gap.  However, you can also put the mounting threads between the bars in either a vertical or horizontal configuration.  The 1/2" gap will work with the cap.  Hope that helps.

  • I need to get my green-cheek conure parrot, a perch, to trim his nails, any ideas???

    A pedicure perch will definitely help keep nails heathy.  Concrete is the most aggressive in terms of abrasion potential.  Pumice perches will be gentler on the feet but also good for nails.  We have both options - concrete perches (Safety Perch and Thermal-Lite) and pumice (Manzanita Superoost and Safety Pumice Perch).

  • Hello. Is there a stain or dark wood color added to these perches?

    We do have some limited natural bark perches available, but the standard perch is a sandblasted Manzanita that is colored with food grade coloring - similar to wood blocks or other wooden chew toys.  The reason that we do not simply use natural bark is that Manzanita bark tends to be slippery.  The pumice sides provide grip, but we believe the sandblasted Manzanita provides more comfort and overall grip.  The coloring mimicks the look of natural manzanita and provides contrast with the pumice grip for correct positioning in the cage. If you would prefer a natuaral bark perch, please contact us and we would be glad to provide that to you.