Whirly Bird™ - Large - Sweet Feet & Beak
Whirly Bird™ - Large - Sweet Feet & Beak
Whirly Bird™ - Large - Sweet Feet & Beak
Whirly Bird™ - Large - Sweet Feet & Beak

Whirly Bird™ - Large

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This is the swing your bird would design and build if they had a factory!  The SF&B Whirly Bird™ has a pedicure perch that gives secure grip while balancing and helps keep nails healthy and trimmed.  As your bird swings, it can peck and twirl colorful beads and trinkets.  A swing with attitude!  And it is made to last with heavy duty hardware and beak resistant plastic.   

  • 11″ Wide x 18″ High
  • Encourages play and balance
  • Strengthens leg muscles while keeping nails healthy
  • Made from incredibly tough plastic.  How tough?  It is the same material used to line hockey rinks!
  • Easy to install and cleans with soap and water
  • Handmade in the USA

For use with African Greys, Amazons, and other similar size birds

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sue Christensen

I ordered the wrong size. This one was too large. I returned it with no problem. Hassle Free.

Love the rugged perch!

My medium to large parrots' nails have grown so I purchased this to help file them down. So far it seems to help!

Patti Grounds
Whirley Bird swing

We have several birds. I have worked with our shy with toys Amazon and the Whirley Bird. On the second try Scooter got on it. I gently moved the swing back and forth. He has not explored the attached toy Whirleys.
If he will begin to climb up he may do so. I'm just pleased he will calmly sit on it.
Measure your bird and his cage size before you choose the size you buy if you plan to hang it in the cage.
Patti in Edmond

Marcy Fisk

Bird doesn't like, will not get on at all.might need to remove it from the cage.

David Madison
Mango Loves Her Whirly Bird

It’s become her favorite toy. She climbs all over it spinning and shrieking with joy!


Ask a Question
  • What is the diameter of the perch?

    The perch is 1.5" in diameter.  Thanks for asking!