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I originally bought your perches and toys for my baby conure that I got from a breeder. He was well taken care of, so the perches were for maintenance. His favorite one is the manzanita pumice perch! He sleeps on it every night!

However, I just rescued a Mealy Amazon who was in a horrible environment. They kept him outside, his cage was a mess, and he had only rope perches. His beak and nails are SO overgrown! His nails are so bad, the first day we got him home, he actually got caught on the wires and was unable to free himself 🙁 We plan on taking him to the vet very soon to get his nails and beak looked at, but right now he is very stressed and we are unable to handle him. This second order is for him! I am hoping your wonderful perches help his beak and nails. I will definitely be back for more perches and toys once he has settled in!

 Thank you for making such great products and for even better customer service!

Kelly 12/19


For the first time in 20 some years our African Grey Parrot is fully feathered. I give this toy all the credit. We tried everything for years and this is the only thing (Shred Master) that worked❤️

Margaret 9/19


I have a large Moluccan Cockatoo and a Yellow Naped Amazon. I’ve had my birds for 25 years. We’ve used many different perches over the years and I’ve found these to be the best. Both of my birds love these perches. I purchased the medium for my Amazon and the large for my Cockatoo. They both have other perches (concrete, wooden, rope) in their cages, but they hang out mostly on their pumice perches. They do help to keep the girl’s nails trimmed as well. They do need replacing after awhile as they wear down. I’m very happy with this product because my birds are happy. 🥰

Dorothy 4/19

My birds LOVE this perch

Robin M.

Love that it’s natural material

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