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Manzanita Pumice Pedicure Superoost™ - Large

Super perches

I love the smoothness under my macaw and Amazon's feet while the pumice keeps the nails comfortable on my arms and hands. Great product! Service was excellent, too. Fast arrival. Thanks.

Meredith 6/20


For the first time in 20 some years our African Grey Parrot is fully feathered. I give this toy all the credit. We tried everything for years and this is the only thing (Shred Master) that worked❤️

Margaret 9/19

Great Toy!!  Foraging Feeder

My Moluccan cockatoo absolutely LOVES this toy! He loves to slide the top of the toy (the lid) up and down, up and down. I think he finds it soothing. He loves it so much that I recently purchased a second one as a back-up, just to make sure he never has to be without it!

Cynthy 3/20

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