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NEW! Natural Manzanita Pumice Pedicure Perch

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Super Shredder Ball™

Starlings love it

We're on our second ball! Also, we love this company.
High quality. Affordable. Ships quickly.
What's not to love?

Anne 8-21

Blocks N Knots™

My amazon LOVES this toy

I have a finicky amazon parrot who will absolutely refuse to play with a toy after the main shredding part is gone, but he loves to shred both the blocks and the rope on this toy! When we get a new order of them, the moment my parrot sees the toys he is all hyped up and ready to play 10/10

Troy 8-21

 Patented Safety Pumice Perch™ - X-Large

These perches save our skin!

They're the best I've found for keeping our birds' nails blunted. They never get sharp enough to draw blood now. They still need occasional nail trims, but less often. Also, these are hollow, so they're nice and light, not like those solid cement perches.

KD 7//21

Safety First