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Manzanita Pumice Pedicure Superoost™ - Small

Great purchase

After a day of being wary of a new perch It is now one of our cockatiel’s favorites. After a couple of days his nails began to look more trim and are being maintained at a good length. Shipping was nearly instant even with our special request to be adjusted for horizontal bars. Response to our special request by email was also nearly instant. We are very impressed with this company and this product.

Karen 3/21

 Treasure Chest™ Puzzle and Foraging Toy

Military Macaw Approved

My macaw loves this enrichment toy. He hasn't found any weak points to take advantage of, but he thoroughly enjoys looking for one. The wooden toys were history in 30 minutes; this was expected. I use it as a food foraging toy. His eyes light up when he sees it coming. It's certainly a regular in his rotation.

Deeann 4/21

 Pizza Party™

Best toy!! I have a finicky blue fronted Amazon; we've tried so many different toys and he's never really taken to many of them. Enter: Pizza Party™
When I pull a new slice out to hang on his play stand, my bird gets SO excited. It keeps him entertained for 1-2 days and he has SO much fun. Highly recommend this product.

Tory 3//21

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