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Manzanita Pumice Pedicure Superoost™ - X-Large

I can finally with comfort enjoy Casey my Female Molucaan Cockatoo walk on my bare shoulders because this perch has resolved her razor sharp nails. Casey's mood had changed significantly too. We are happy again. LOL I wish I had looked into getting one of these years ago. Best item ever! Thank you so very much for making our quality times loving times again.

Cherie 8/20

 Patented Safety Pumice Perch™ - Medium

Love these perches and the customer service! High quality perches. I love the big plastic piece that attaches the perch to the cage. I have a lot of trouble with the small wingnuts and washers on other perches. Also, AMAZING customer service. Will be a repeat customer!

Ashley 7/20

Super Shredder Ball™

The shredder ball was a hit with both my rainbow lory and my black-capped caique, of course they each had to have their own. The only problem: the constant vaccuming I have to do every day to keep up with the bits they toss all over the place. Ha Ha. This interactive toy definitely keeps them entertained when I'm at work - and that makes me happy. I'd recommended it!

Tammy 8//20

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