Pizza Party™ - Sweet Feet & Beak
Pizza Party™ - Sweet Feet & Beak
Pizza Party™ - Sweet Feet & Beak

Pizza Party™

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It's time to shred some Pizza!

The award winning Pizza Party™ shredding and foraging toy features a big slice of food grade cardboard covered in food grade shredded paper.  All materials are non-toxic and completely bird safe, with a nickel chain and quick link for hanging.  Your bird will enjoy destroying the slice - just like a pizza party. The Pizza Party™ is an affordable shredding toy that your bird will love.  Each slice is approximately 8" wide by 11 long and 1.5" thick (deep dish pizza).  Buy a Whole Pie and get 8 slices and two hangers and save more than 20% off the individual slice price!

The Pizza Party™ toy took 2nd place in the new product category at the 2017 Super Zoo Pet Product Expo in Las Vegas, NV!

  • Food grade shred and cardboard
  • Insert favorite seeds, treats or pellets for foraging challenge
  • Can be cut into smaller slices
  • Made in USA

Now, as requested, also available as plain pizza - with no color tissue paper.  Comes with 8 plain slice and one hanging chain/quick link.  Pure cardboard shredding fun!

Customer Reviews

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Felicia Onofrietti
Pizza Party

The toy itself looks sturdy and that it could be engaging to the right size bird. However I didn't read the description carefully and it turns out that it is way too big and scary for Chip, my 13 year old, 30 gram Pacific Parrotlet that is already cautious about new objects in his environment. However the super shredder ball that I also purchased was a big hit with him!

Susan Allyn
I misunderstood the “plain” slice

Having lived in NYC for many years, I didn’t expect a plain cardboard slice. Plain slices in NYC are just cheese and mozzarella, i.e., there’s something on the pizza. My cell phone didn’t show the picture clearly. I have been buying the decorated slices at a local Parrot store and all they had were the slices with shredded colorful paper. Hence, I’m stuck with 4 unopened plain cardboard slices that my AG simply ignores. I purchased these in bulk because he’s so crazy about about the ones with colored paper. Otherwise, service was excellent!

Starlings love this!

Favorite toy of my birds!

Deb McCracken
Great product and service.

I ordered from here and got it very quickly. After I received the order I discovered I ordered the wrong item. I was worried because I couldn’t find a direct number but I did send an a mail and they responded quickly. They went above and beyond to make sure I was completely happy. I will be ordering from them again soon and would highly recommend. Both of my birds love their pizza’s so happy birds- happy life!!

Renata Engel
Major fun!

My Grey LOVES this toy. Preening the paper and attacking the cardboard.