Pizza Party™ - Sweet Feet & Beak
Pizza Party™ - Sweet Feet & Beak
Pizza Party™ - Sweet Feet & Beak

Pizza Party™

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It's time to shred some Pizza!

The award winning Pizza Party™ shredding toy features a big slice of food grade cardboard pizza covered in food grade shredded paper.  All materials are non-toxic and completely bird safe, with a nickel chain and quick link for hanging.  Your bird enjoy destroying the slice - just like a pizza party. The Pizza Party™ is an affordable shredding toy that your bird will love.  Each slice is approximately 8" wide by 11 long.  

The Pizza Party™ toy took 2nd place in the new product category at the 2017 Super Zoo Pet Product Expo in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Food grade shred and cardboard
  • Insert their favorite seeds, treats or pellets for foraging
  • Can be cut into smaller slices
  • Made in USA


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  • Petco made a big mistake cutting Dr Fosters & .... loose. Petco doesn't begin to carry the bird supplies that they did. Pizza Party is my CAG's favorite, by far. No other toy will do. Why is your price so much higher and why don't you have a special price for the full size pizza of 8 slices? I need to order in bulk.

    Thanks for your question.  We also hated to see Dr Fosters go - I had been a customer myself for decades.  Regarding the Pizza Party, we decided to eliminate the 8 slice party box due to shipping costs.  If a box is too light for its size, shippers give it an implied weight.  As a result, the shipping just did not make sense for us, or our distributors.  We received more demand for individual slices, which is what we are continuing to sell.

    That said, we have made special arrangements upon request to sell Pizza Party boxes, as long as they are ordered in multiples of two.  That allows us to combine boxes and make shipping more affordable.  If you are interested, just let me know via our contact us email and I will temporarily relist the Party Boxes on our website.  You can then order them directly and receive the standard free shipping on orders over $20.

    Thanks again for your interest and feedback on the Pizza Party.  Always great to hear that birds love our product.

  • What is the size of the pizza pie and each slice? Is this the same pie that was sold at Drs Foster & Smith? We are trying to find this toy again as it is a birdie favorite!

    The Pizza Pie is 22" in diameter, and comes cut into 8 slices/toys.  The individual pizza slices are 8" wide by 11" long.

    Yes this is the same product that was sold on Dr Fosters.  Petco discontinued the Dr. Fosters website.