Patented Safety Pumice Perch™ - X-Small - Sweet Feet & Beak
Patented Safety Pumice Perch™ - X-Small - Sweet Feet & Beak
Patented Safety Pumice Perch™ - X-Small - Sweet Feet & Beak

Safety Pumice Perch™ - X-Small

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This award winning perch is one of the best known and respected in the industry.  In the wild, birds are exposed to a wide variety of textured surfaces that are mother nature’s way of keeping their nails and beaks conditioned. Only the SF&B Safety Pumice Perch™ gives your bird the comfort grip for their tender pads and a textured pumice side surfaces needed for keeping nails in a healthy state of trim.  And there is no concrete here - just strong lightweight plastic and pumice.  Birds and professionals love it!

  • Smooth comfort top and pedicure pumice on sides for grip and nail health
  • Helps keep beaks healthy
  • Safety cap to mount perch - no metal hardware sticking out of your cage
  • One of the lightest perches available
  • Easy to clean
  • No concrete surface
  • Stimulates leg muscles and promotes healthy feet
  • Non-toxic and safe for your bird
  • Available for horizontal or vertical bar mounting
  • Size:  6" long, .5" diameter

For use with finches, canaries, small budgies, lovebirds and other similar size birds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Frances M
Love Bird approved!

My love bird loves this perch!

Cynthia Baughan
Love them

I love them so much I bought more

Brooke M.
My Favorite Pedicure Perch on the Market

I love the shape of these. They come in great colors, they last a long time, and when I ordered directly from Sweet Feet & Beak, they came with the correct orientation. Some vendors have shipped me a version that requires being mounted to horizontally oriented bars, which will not work for my cage. The ones I got in this shipment were all vertically oriented, which is exactly what I need! My bird loves these, and they really do help keep her nails in check between formal trims. She also polishes her beak on these. There's no dangerous paint that she could ingest. It's also great that they use pumice instead of sand. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Mojo’s mom
This is Mojo’s favorite perch!!

Mojo approved!! Thank you soooo much!!

Emily Loadwick
Safety pumice perche

These perches are the best you can find for keeping your parrot’s feet healthy and nails trimmed. Also the perches keep their beaks trimmed up nice and shiny as well. I will not buy any other perches for my birds!!!