Our Feathered Family Members

Max and Angel became part of our family three years ago during 2020 when we were all experiencing life within our own homes and yards.  Pet rescues had unusually high furry friend adoption rates which was especially so wonderful for dogs and cats!  Many Bird rescues and sanctuaries, however, saw their volunteers and funding evaporate due to Covid restrictions on workers and visitors. 

Many rescues and sanctuaries are home to hundreds of domesticated birds that are being well cared for, even receiving medical treatment when necessary.  Some allow adoptions, attempting to give the birds a forever home with a loving family, while others will care for their birds indefinitely.  In year- round warm climates, many rescues and sanctuaries have large outdoor habitats where the birds can experience life among their feathered friends, a little more like their natural life would be. 

We had heard that some rescues were experiencing a great need for donations both monetarily and in perches and toys.  We pulled some boxes of perches and bird toys together and stopped at a wonderful rescue center in Florida that had a large outdoor habitat with birds of all sizes and types.  The birds were safe and very well cared for by the owner. Due to 2020 restrictions, however, his volunteers had dwindled, and he was unable to be open for visitors who would bring a donation to visit. This man was caring for all of his birds from sun up to sun down alone. He knew each one by name, each one's traits and personality; and the birds clearly loved him.  Although he had never planned to re-home any of his birds, the proper food expenses and lack of donations were causing him concern.  He mentioned having two birds that had become close friends upon arriving at his rescue.  Max, a Nanday Conure, and Angel, a Sun Conure.  We went to see them and found them to be so sweet. Max was even entertaining as he raised his left foot when he heard the word "hello", and he danced to whistling.  The owner took time educating us about this duo and each of their specific diets and needs.  We gained two new family members that day.  They are sweet to our grandkids and family members, gently taking treats and even accepting a shoulder to sit on.  They do "Squawk Talk" a lot, Max still dances and raises a "hello". They love to perch near us or on shoulders in the evening; and they remain best of friends!

They come to work with us where they enjoy a large window space at     Sweet Feet & Beak!  They perch on Pedicure Perches, play with Shredder Balls, yarn toys, and Pizza Party!  They also may try out a new product or two in their window office at the front of the shop!

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