The Ultimate Natural Wood Perch

Is it possible to improve on Mother Nature?  We think so!  Now you can get a wooden perch with all the grip safety and nail health benefits of a concrete perch.

Up to this point, if you wanted a perch that helped to control nail length and provide solid grip for safety, a traditional concrete perch was the option.  If you wanted a “natural” perch, most would say that wood is the way to go.

However, there are a wide range of wood perches.  Most cages come with a wooden dowel rod perch.  The issue with dowel rods is that they are very smooth which can lead to birds slipping, and they are very uniform which does not exercise or stretch feet muscles.  Natural wood branches have unique shapes and variations, which stimulate feet muscle activity, but if a soft wood is used to help with grip, birds can quickly chew the perch apart.  There are extremely hard woods such as Manzanita (the gold standard) but with the hardness grip on the perch becomes more of a challenge.

In all these wood perch examples, the other key sacrifice is any type of nail filing action that occurs when a bird grips and moves on a solid rough surface.  In nature, this would occur when birds lite on buildings, roofs, rocks and stones.  Most manufactured concrete perches have a textured surface to help file nails.  However, some are concerned that this surface can be rough on the bottom of birds’ feet when used in a cage environment.

At SF&B, we hold a patent on the pedicure perch design.  For example, our Safety Pumice Perch™ is made of molded plastic with pumice applied to the sides.  This provides a smooth surface for the tender undersides of birds’ feet, while giving nails strong grip and a pedicure surface to help promote nail health.

Manzanita Pumice Pedicure Superoost, wood perch, parrot wood perchWood perch, parrot wood perch, natural wood perch, wood perch with pumiceManzanita Pumice Perch, parrot wood perch, natural wood perch, pedicure wood perch

In introducing the new Manzanita Pumice Pedicure Superoost™ we believe we now have a natural wooden perch that provides the best of both natural and man-made perches.  The key benefits of the Superoost™ are:

  • All natural Manzanita wood – one of the hardest woods available for long life.
  • 100% natural cosmetic grade pumice grips on the perch sides for strong grip and nail health. Think of it as an emery board for your bird’s nails.
  • Natural variations in size, texture and surface mean that feet muscles will be stimulated as the bird moves about the perch.
  • Available in X-Small to X-Large sizes to fit all bird sizes.
  • A safety cap for mounting means no bolts protruding from the cage.

The new Superoost™ is now available on our website and other aviary retailers.  Our product tester, Juno (Sulfur Crested Cockatoo) has been using this perch for several months now and loves it.  We look forward to everyone’s feedback and experience with this new perch technology.


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