Big and Little Weave™ - Sweet Feet & Beak
Big and Little Weave™ - Sweet Feet & Beak

Big and Little Weave™

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Colorful and safe for hours of shredding fun.  Only SF&B® uses Safe Shred™ Cotton Rope, which shreds into fine short cotton threads.  Others use yarn rope that unravels into long thick sections that can entangle a bird.  Big and Little Weave™ is woven by hand into a “Pony Tail” style bundle and anchored together with a stainless or plastic ring, and hung by a bird safe stainless steel quick link.  The Big Weave™ is approx. 11 inches long, while the Little Weave™ is 8 inches.


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  • How big is the Big Weave? Would it keep a hyacinth busy for a while or should I get several to link together? (She plucks and I'm trying to find something she can pluck instead of herself.)

    The Big Weave is 1.5" (top collar) in diameter by 11" long.  My advice would be to start with one and see how she interacts with it.  Then you could decide to bundle more if needed.  You may also want to consider trying a few other options in addition to the Big Weave, such as a foraging toy (Large Treasure Chest, Foraging Feeder) or shredding (Shred Master, Blocks N Knots, Pizza Party Slice).  Dont know what you have already tried - but glad to help in any way possible!  Let us know how it works.